Discontinuation of the LYOWALLET App

Discontinuation of the LYOWALLET Appn.

Action Required for LYOWALLET Users:

↩️ Mandatory Funds Transfer by December 15th
The LYOWALLET app will no longer be updated and will be removed from app stores. It's crucial that you transfer your funds from LYOWALLET to another wallet or exchange before this date.

⛔️ Consequences of Not Transferring Funds in Time:
You'll still be able to access the app, but if it's deleted or becomes incompatible with your device, you won't be able to download it again.

🔐 Opening Your Wallet via Another Service:
Recovery via Seed Phrase: If you possess your 12-word seed phrase, you can recover your wallet on decentralized wallet applications such as Metamask. Without this phrase, you can’t recover your wallet, and your funds will be lost. No recovery will be possible.

Need Help?

For guidance, please open a ticket at https://support.lyotrade.com.
Note: Our team cannot access or view your LYOWALLET, as it's non-custodial and you are the sole owner.

➡️ If you hold LYO Credit (LYO), please visit https://lyocredit.io/